The Uncommitted

All decisions come at a price.

 2023 WINNER, Paranormal Fiction, Book Excellence Awards
 2018 Finalist, Paranormal Fiction, Readers Favorite Book Awards 
 2017 WINNER, Visionary Fiction, America’s Best Book Awards
 2017 Finalist, Cross Genre Fiction, America’s Best Book Awards
 2017 Finalist, Horror Fiction, Next Generation Indie Book Awards
 2015 WINNER, Cover Design, Midwest Book Awards 
 2015 Shortlist AuthorBook Viral Award

Josephine Reilly is a young mother, striving to do what is best for her family in the picturesque suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota. Declan, her ambitious and talented husband, has a thriving career as a corporate lawyer. On the surface, life could not appear more perfect.

Yet, Josie possesses an extraordinary gift – one that’s been passed down through generations of women in her family. Josie is a messenger, a conduit between the living and the dead, with the ability to receive messages through dreams, visions, and telepathy. For years, she suppresses her gift but when mother dies, she’s unable to ignore it any longer.

Upon exploring her ability, she soon discovers the spiritual world is treacherous terrain when she and her loved ones become targets of an invisible evil. But fate has a plan for Josie. Enter Dr. Andrew Chase, a supernatural healer with gifts of his own.

The Uncommitted is a gripping story of the battle between light and darkness, of the unbreakable bonds of family, and of the hidden realities that lie beyond our physical senses.

the uncommitted


With heartfelt thanks to my husband, Pat, my children, Sean, Mary and Aidan, my sister, Chris, and my faith in God. Without them, I would not have completed this novel to its end. Because of them, I count myself among the fortunate to be able to pursue a lifelong dream of writing a novel.

A special thank you to my publisher, Kira Henschel and HenschelHaus Publishing, for believing in me and my work.

Thank you to Victoria Grundle, my editor, and to all the authors who helped me to locate the resources and most of all, the confidence to keep going.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who read and commented on my book (either whole or in part) over the years during its writing and provided me with invaluable feedback. I am forever in your debt.